Inside Track Marketing & Media, LLC.


To better serve you, please select from the options below:

NOTE: We default to 20-minute sessions for calendar purposes.

Marketing, Advertising & Media Services

Full-service or ala carte omnichannel campaign planning, vendor negotiation and execution. Traditional, digital, social, mobile, experiential, predictive modeling, marketing automation, content management, digital storytelling.

(45 minutes)

Marketing Automation Demo

Introduction to Marketing Automation and SharpSpring via online demo.

(45 minutes)

10-Minute Automation Q&A

A 10-minute phone call to answer your questions and share ways that companies like yours use Marketing Automation.

(45 minutes)

3D Content Creation & Digital Storytelling

Learn how 3D content and digital storytelling can engage leads and customers in an entirely new way while reducing costs in other areas.

(45 minutes)

Advisor Services For Freelancers and Independents

We’ll show you how to grow business by tapping into a wealth of back-end shared services and expanding your business offerings.

(45 minutes)

Customer Support

Support for active clients including planning, execution and troubleshooting.

(45 minutes)